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Featured Cocktails

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.
Here's what happens when life hands you a full service bar.

$7.50Blueberry Lemonade

Light & refreshing (vodka)

$7.50Hawaii 5 "0"

All of our flavored rums & juices (rum)

$7.50Cool Malibu Breeze

Coconut or mango (rum)

$7.50Passion Fruit Delight

Nothing beats guava & passion fruit (rum)

$7.50Bloody Mary

Our secret blend of herbs & spices (vodka)

$7.50Jack Black Lemonade

Fresh raspberry puree & lemonade (bourbon)

$7.505 O'Clock Somewhere

Delicious any hour of the day, you choose vodka or gin

$7.50Wild Cherry Coke

Tastes just like the real thing (rum)

$7.50Cran-Apple Punch

Tastes just like Snapple (vodka)

$7.50Cuban Limeade

Champagne, fresh strawberries & lime (tequila)

$8.00Pomegranate Bull

Passion fruit & pomegranate topped with red bull (rum)

$7.50Old Fashion

Muddled cherry & orange, simple syrup, blood orange bitters, splash of water & topped with a flame kissed orange rind (bourbon)

$7.50Cruzan Confusion

All of our fresh fruit purees in one drink (rum)


Champagne treat with fresh mango, peach, strawberry, or raspberry (vodka)

$7.50Cherry Limeade

Alcoholic version of Sonic's limeade (vodka)

$7.50Pink Lemonade

Made from scratch but with a twist (vodka)

$8.00Sparkling Titos

Sweet, bubbly, with strawberries & lemons (vodka)


Traditional lime, strawberry, mango, peach, raspberry, or blue-raspberry - all served with a salted rim & fresh lime (tequila)

$7.50Bourbon Smash

Simple syrup, fresh lemons & mint (bourbon)

$9.50Trash Can

Lemonade, fruit liquors with a floated can of red bull (vodka)

$9.50Love Potion #9

Lemonade, strawberry puree with a floated bottle of prosecco (vodka)

$7.50Fruit Punch

Adult version of Hi-C punch using fruit punch flavored liquors (vodka)

$8.00House Favorite Margarita

Muddled jalapenos & cucumbers (jalapeno tequila)
(Try a dash of fresh mango too)

$8.50Hennessey Punch

Fresh raspberry puree & cranberry (cognac)

Non- Alcoholic Beverages

Free refills for diners excluding juices
Add flavoring to your beverage - $.25 each refill even for diners
(choice of fresh purees of mango, peach, strawberry, or raspberry)

$2.19Soft Drinks & Juices

Coke | Diet Coke | Sprite | Pibb Extra | Barq's Root Beer | Lemonade | Fruit Punch | Ginger Ale | Tonic Water | Sweet Tea | Unsweet Tea | Hot Tea | Coffee | Cranberry Juice | Pineapple Juice | Orange Juice


$2.99Hawaiian Delight



16 pz. or 21 oz.
Prices vary on abv, see our beer board for current list

Bottled $3.75 - $4.25

Bud Light | Budweiser | Coors Light | Miller Lite | Michelob Ultra | Corona | Heineken

Bud lime | Corona Light | Stella | Rockville Red | Smirnoff Ice | Modelo | Dos Equis | Tecate | Ginger Beer | Sam Adams


Beer Cocktails

Prices vary


Draft Bud Light or choose your favorite Mexican beer, mexed with fresh lime, salt, Worcestershire & Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix. Hot sauce on request

Moscow Mule

Vodka, muddled fresh limes & ginger beer

Assorted Flavored Mules

(All with ginger beer & limes)
Mexican (Tequila) | Irish (Jameson ) | Garden (ming, cucumber, fresh berry puree) | Strawberry | Raspberry | Peach | Mango

Wine Selections - Reds


Mondavi, California
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99


Mondavi, California
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99

Pinot Noir

Little Black Dress, California
Glass - $6.75 | Bottle - $24.99


Alamos, Argentina
Glass - $6.50 | Bottle - $24.99

Red Blend

19 Crimes, Australia
Glass - $7.25 | Bottle - $26.99

Red Zinfadel

Temptation, California
Glass - $7.50 | Bottle - $28.99

Sweet Red

Robinson, South Africa
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99

Wine Selections - Whites


Mondavi, California
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99

White Zinfandel

Beringer, California
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99

Pinot Grigio

Cavit, Italy
Glass - $6.75 | Bottle - $26.99


Peter Mertes, Germany
Glass - $6.75 | Bottle - $26.99

Sauvignon Blanc

Mondavi, California
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99


Barefoot, California
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99

Sweet White

Robinson, South Africa
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99


Wycliff Brut, California
Glass - $6.25 | Bottle - $17.99


Zonin, Italy
Split, 1.5 Glasses - $7.00

Martinis $8.00

All Made With Premium Liquors


Vodka or Gin

Juicy Watermelon

Classic Dry

Vodka or Gin

Fuzzy Peach


Pomegranate Pleasure

Green Apple

Golden Rita-Tini

Lemon Drop


Pickle Juice-Tini

Sweet Mango Nectar


Fluffy Hawaiian

Sweet Pear

Keylime Pie

Fizzy Grape



Banana Pudding

Orange Cream-Sickle



Raspberry or Strawberry

Pink Flaming

Ruby Red Cosmo

Shake N' Take

Prices Vary

We Shake it. You Take it
...Just to name a few....

Nerd Bomb

Vegas Bomb

Cherry Bomb


White Gummy Bear

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Butter Nipple

Jolly Rancher


Regular, Blueberry, Strawberry

Sweet Tart

Passion Fruit Shooter

Washington Apple

Royal Flush